Homemade Sandwich Bread Loaf for Beginners 

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Baking bread is a fun and great hobby to have. It can get a bit overwhelming for starters on what kind of recipe they should use , or how they should make the dough and etc. As a famous saying goes, practice makes perfect so regardless of what you first breads turned out to be, it is best to not get disappointed. Always try to learn from your mistakes and improve your next baked bread. Furthermore, there are simple and easy recipes that you can start your baking experience with. In this post we would like to share yourself a simple and easy method and recipe to bake your sandwich  breads. Just keep in  mind that this recipe is inspired by a Youtube video. which you can see as well by clicking on the text. 

This is a very easy and simple baking recipe and we hope it helps to get your baking started.


  • 7 cups of bread flour

  • 3 cups of water

  • 2 table spoon of instant yeast (30 mL)

  • 3 tea spoon of salt ( 15 mL)

  • 2 table spoon of oil ( 30mL)
    You can use any kind of vegetable oil


Image of sandwich bread loaf sliced evenly

1. Add all of the water to  a mixing bowl

2. Add all the yeast to the water bowl and mix.
Let it sit for a few minutes so that the yeast dissolves.

3.  Add Flour to to the water and yeast mixture.

4. Sprinkle on the Salt to the mixture.

5. Add the oil to the mixture

6. Mix all the mixture well, this might take a little bit of

7. Take the dough and knead on the board for about 8 minutes. Feel free to use a scraper to scrape any part of dough that has stuck to the board.

8.  Let the dough rest for about 3 minutes on the board. Place a cloth on top of it.

9. Add a bit of flour on top of the dough. Then Turn the dough over and then flatten it and try to shape it into a ball form. You can do this by grabbing one end and folding it over the other. Continue doing this until you are happy with the shape of the dough.

10. Place dough inside a bowl and sprinkle a bit more flour on top of it. Cover the dough with cloth and let it rest for about 1 hour.

11. After 1 hour , your dough should have become larger.

12. Flatten the bread dough. Then You can cut the dough in half to create two smaller dough.

13. Pre-shape loaves like part 9. Sprinkle a bit more flour on top of the two dough. And let them sit on the board for about 15 minutes.Cover the dough by using a cloth.

14. Add a bit flour on the board and then start folding the dough into a shape of a loaf. You can do so by first folding the dough flat and the turning it into a triangular form. Then you can start folding from top and continue doing so until you can get the loaf size that you desire. We suggest watching the video by Deep South Texas   to get a better understanding on how to fold the bread.

15. Butter the loaf pan and then place the bread dough inside of it. And let the dough sit there for about 1 hour to let it rise. Place a cloth on top of them.

16. In about half an hour after waiting,  you can start preheating the oven to about 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

17. Bake the breads for about 40 minutes in the oven. You don't need to place water to create steam as this would make the crusts hard. This recipe is for sandwich bread loaf with soft crust.

18. Take the bread out and place it on a cooling rack to let it cool down. You can add a bit of melted butter on top of it using a brush to help it maintain its softness

Flour mixed with yeast , water dough for making a sandwich bread loaf
Dough bread of bread homemade bread before kneading.

Before Kneading

After Kneading

You are going to simply mix all ingredients

A well rounded bread dough for homemade bread sandwich

A well shaped Dough

A round bread dough placed in a bowl
A well-risen bread dough inside bowl

Bread Dough before rising

Bread Dough After Rising

flattening a homemade bread sandiwch bread dough
A half sliced homemade bread dough

Flattening Bread Dough

Slicing dough in half

Homemade bread dough placed inside bread loaf

Bread Dough placed in pan ready to be bake in oven

Baked bread dough placed on cooling rack
Butter spread on placed baked on homemade bread sandwich

Baked bread dough cooling on rack 

Add a bit of butter on top of bread for softness and tasty flavor

Remember, Practice Makes Perfect

We hope that you enjoy using this bread baking recipe. The folding of dough might be a bit hard at first and we suggest watching the video by Deep South Texas as well a few times to get a good understanding of how you are suppose to fold and knead the dough.

Feel free to tag us on Social Media (@soltanskitchen on Instagram) and let us know how you find this bread baking recipe.

Enjoy Baking!