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Different ways to Slice Homemade Bread

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We know that slicing your bread is a highly important step and can be sometimes confusing, so we were browsing through the internet to see what advice are available out there. We stumbled upon this YouTube video with a lovely lady who explains some nice options available.

Feel free to check it out down below:

Here's a summary of the tips:

1. Slice your breads when they have cooled down.

2. Use serrated knife

3. Practice Makes Perfect

4. You can use slicing guides

5. You can use electric knives to slice faster

6. You can use an Electric Bread Slicer but they are a bit too expensive costing over a 100$ US.

A Tip from Soltans Kitchen:

We have realized if you place your bread on the sides and slice them instead of slicing them from the top, can make slicing easier. Try it out and let us know if you found it useful or not.

If it becomes too difficult and too messy for yourself to evenly slice your breads, feel free to checkout our "Bamboo Bread Slicer Guide for Homemade Bread" at

We are always curious to find new techniques to improve our ability to slice breads. Do you have any special technique that you use? Feel free to comment down below.

As we are going through the COVID-19 Pandemic, we hope that everyone is staying safe. We will get through this together ❤️

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