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Best Persian Bread Ever ! Barbari bread recipe | Perfect for both beginners and pros

Ah the world of breads, filled with fascinating doughs and variations from all sorts of cultures. In this week’s bread blog post we got something special for you all and it’s from Iran. Iranians bake quite interesting breads. This comes also with their breakfast routines where families usually spread cheese,butter, jam or honey on their bread and enjoy their meal together.

We got this fantastic recipe from “ My Dastarkhwan” , youtube page to cook your own homemade barbari bread which is a famous Iranian bread which Iranian-Turks are famous for. We hope you enjoy the recipe and also make sure to watch the video once to get a better idea on the techniques.

Sliced Homemade Persian Iranian Barbari Bread
Delicious Homemade Bread Barbari for all bread lovers


  • 700g Plain unbleached flour

  • 300g Whole wheat flour

  • 1.5 tablespoon Yeast

  • 1 tablespoon sugar

  • 1 tablespoon salt

  • 75m mL warm water

  • 50ml Olive oil

  • Sesame

  • Black seeds


  • Bowl

  • Work surface (baking board)

  • Wrap

  • Pot

  • Parchment paper

  • Oven


1. Add in 700g Plain unbleached flour into a bowl

2. Add in 300g Whole wheat flour

3. Add one and half tablespoon Yeast into the bowl

4. Add 1 tablespoon sugar and then add 1 tablespoon salt and combine everything together with hand

A mixture of different ingredients such as flour , yeast, salt , ready to be mixed with water
All ingredients added and ready to be mixed

5. After the combining step, add 750ml warm water into the bowl

6. Then, add 50ml Olive oil and combine everything together again with hand while adding the remaining water

7. Scrape the dough onto a well floured work surface (baking board) and sprinkle some flour on the top of the dough

Dough ready to be kneaded
Flour Dough Scrape from Surface and ready for kneading

8. It’s time to knead the dough. Just grasp the side of the dough furthest away from you and fold it in half, towards you. Place the knuckles of both hands on top of the dough and use your body weight to push the dough into itself

Pressing of homemade persian iranian barbari bread with knuckles
Pressing the Dough down using your knucles

9. Stretch the dough, cover it with wrap and fabric for an hour

scrape the dough onto a work surface covered with wrap and cover it with fabric for 5 minutes

10. After five minutes, remove the cover and push the dough into itself with your fingers. Then stretch it until the dough flat. Then cover it for 20 minutes

Finger Pressingthe Dough for Homemade Barbari bread
Final push down using your fingers

11. While waiting for the dough, we can make a special sauce for the bread. Put a pot on the oven, then add one and half tablespoon Plain flour into it. Then add two thirds of a cup of water. 12. Mix and then cook it on low flame for 5 minutes while steering it thoroughly.

13. Let the sauce cool down completely before applying to the flat dough. Once it's cooled down, spread it on the dough with a brush.

14. Then push the flat dough into itself using your fingers, then sprinkle Sesame and black seeds on the flat dough

14. Place parchment paper inside a baking loaf pan and then place the dough inside.

15. Bake the dough in preheated oven at 200’C for 25-30 minutes or until it becomes golden brown

Wrap Up:

Well Baked Homemade Barbari Bread
Voila | Your homemade babari bread ready to be eaten

And there you have it! Your very own homemade Persian barbari bread. We hope you found this recipe very fun and tasty. Please do see the video by “ My Dastarkhwan” to ensure that you also get the kneading techniques right.

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