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Is Having a Bread Machine Right for You? Pros and Cons


There are a lot of cool tools available in the market for all sorts of bakers. One of the interesting ones is the bread machine. So you might wonder what is a bread machine?

bread pal bread machine bread on top of table

Bread machine is an electronic tool which takes care of all the things you need to do when baking bread which includes mixing ingredients, kneading dough, proofing and baking. All you need to do is provide it with the ingredients and let it do the rest. Now whether having a bread machine is really right for you or not, does depend on various factors such as how much bread do you bake and also what kind of bread you like to make. It is a rather expensive investment as bread machines on Amazon cost in average of about 100$ to 150$.

In today’s post we would like to look at some of pros and cons of having you own bread machine:


Time Saving: What really is fantastic about the bread machines, is that they help to turn a one hour preparation process to a 5 minute of adding ingredients and recipes. And this really works perfectly especially for individuals who like to bake their own homemade bread but life and work responsibilities take too much of their time and energy. You can put all in the ingredients in the machine before sleeping and then waking up the next morning, you’ve got your homemade bread baked and ready to consume.

bread pal time time saving benefits of bread machines

Well Shaped Dough: Another challenge that there is when it comes to baking your own bread is being able to knead and form the dough beautifully. This does come with a lot of time and practice. So if you don’t really have the time or if you don’t really find much value in learning to become a master kneader, then the bread machine really helps to save you a lot of time and gets you consistent good looking dough. You can keep this a secret when you got guests coming in who impressed with the shape of your baked breads. :)

bread slicer bread sitting on dark table with dough pouring on it

Prevents Burnt Breads: So when baking your own bread in the oven, you also need to be paying attention to what temperature you are baking and how long your bread should be in the oven. I know personally, a lot of times I get busy with other tasks in hand so I forgot to check on the food, and when I realized it was a bit too late. However, bread machines have their own built-in timers which helps to keep the bread in check and prevent it from either being burnt or baked too little.

burned bread pal toast


Expensive: The reality is getting a bread machine is a rather expensive investment as bread machines cost ranges between 100$ – 150$ in average. So this really does come down to personal preference. For some individuals who find the kneading too hard or just too time consuming, the bread machine will be worth it. But for someone who enjoys the process and does have the time to bake, maybe they can buy something more useful with 100$ instead.

expensive cost of bread machine bread pal

The Risk of Over-kneading: So as mentioned in the pros, one of the great benefits of bread machines is that you don’t have to worry about knowing how to knead the bread dough, but there is a risk of the dough getting over-kneaded which as a result will not bake and form very well. So you do have to keep in mind to make sure it does its work properly and you have given it the right settings.

Takes up Space: As any machine tool, the bread machines will require some space to occupy in your kitchen. So if you are someone who doesn’t like things to be on the kitchen counter then you need to be aware that the bread machine will require some space. The dimensions are about 14 X 9 X 12 inches and they weigh about 14 pounds so they are a bit heavy as well.

Wrap Up:

bread pal bread baked in bread machine sitting on top of table

So we tried to mention some things to consider when purchasing a bread machine so that you are relieved you made the right choice. We think it’s the best for individuals who don’t have much to bake bread.

Furthermore, if you are someone who likes to purchase a bread machine, there is also tools available in the market to help you cut breads easier as well. The bread cutters in the market available come with different materials ranging from plastic, wood to metal. If you are looking for a DIY bread slicer bread pal then we suggest checking out wooden bread slicing guides available in the market. We have a post as well about slicing bread and you can check it out by clicking on the hyperlink.

If you are looking for some recipes and new ideas for baking bread feel free to check out bread baking guide which has simple and easy recipes for you to check out.

We hope you found this post informative and please let us know what you think of bread machines? Good or Bad? Life saver or too expensive?

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