Soltans Kitchen Elegant Bread Slicers for Homemade Bread with Crumb Catcher-Recipe Ebook- Bread Slicer Guide- Bread Slicing Guide for Loaf Bread

  • LESS TIME CLEANING AND MORE TIME EATING: Life is too short, we do not want you to spend even a second cleaning after bread crumbs from cutting your  breads. Save that time with our crumb catcher tray boards and spend it with your loved ones

  • EASY TO USE;  Cutting bread should be easier then eating one. With our foldable bamboo bread cutter all you need is flip the sides and start slicing your loaf; We’ve also provided a manual to ensure that you get the right slice from the start

  • PERFECT EVEN CUT SLICES; You put so much effort in baking your delicious sweets for your loved ones; Now it is time to make perfect even sliced bread using our bread cutters to transform your baking goodies into desirable pieces of heaven 

  • SPLINTER FREE; Worse news than burned pullman pan cakes is having splinters in them ; To make sure you get durable and splinter-free boards, we run multiple inspection to make sure you get a great and safe bread pal mold arriving to your home

  • OUR PROMISE TO YOU; We are so confident on the quality of our product because we run multiple quality checks ; if you are unhappy in any way we will replace your bread keeper slicers guides so these are the last ones you will ever need to buy

Our foldable Bamboo Bread Slicer is the perfect bread pal for your homemade bread and cake for the most glorious experience ever. 


Impress Your Guests:
 You’ve spent quite a while to bake the most amazing cake ever to impress your guests. Nevertheless, you know that everyone eats with their eyes first so you have to make the most perfect loaf slice. But, you are not worried about it because you have the Soltans Kitchen Slicing Guide to help you get it right. The goodies are sliced and the guests will be coming soon and you are just relaxed and enjoying your time.


Bye Bye Vacuum:
But Wait, what about the crumbs? Gone are the days of having to vacuum the whole kitchen to get rid of those pesky bread crumbs, with the help of the crumb catcher board. Your home is clean and your slices are perfect. And you’ve got a so much time to relax before your guests come. How about watching a bit of your favorite show before your guests arrive?


Recipe Ebook:
We have teamed up with a nutritionist to provide you with a recipe Ebook which has numerous recipes to get your healthy cooking started. No need to go and browse through various websites to find the perfect recipe because we’ve got it all.


•    Durable Bamboo Construction
•    Food safe and BPA Free
•    Size: 32.2L X 15.2W X 13H cm
•    Easy Storage


Unique Gift:
This is the perfect gift for any baker. It will help them to save a lot of time and improve their cutting quality. With its unique design, it will be surely a memorable gift.


The last ones you will ever need to buy:
We believe highly on the quality of our product that we offer you a lifetime guarantee. If you are unhappy, we will provide you with a replacement to make sure this will be the last one you will ever need to buy.

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